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Online Communications Surveillance v Personality Study

This survey seeks to investigate personality and numerical literacy in relation to opinions about online communications surveillance.

This independent research survey consists of a personality survey and 4 brain teaser questions. The information provided by you in this questionnaire will ONLY be used for research purposes. It will not be used in a manner which would allow identification of you, in fact we do not collect any personally identifiable data from any participants.

At the end of the survey you will get instant results showing how authoritarian your personality is and how to well you did at the brain teaser questions. Although it’s a cliché, only 10 to 15% of people are expected to get all four brain teaser answers right. The results screen will provide information about where you can learn more about the questionnaires presented in this survey here.

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Brexit Personality Studies

During 2016, we ran a number of surveys examining the role of personality, numeracy, thinking styles and cognitive biases.

Results will be published in late 2017 at a Political Psychology conference. Interim results are available at the Online Privacy Foundation site here

Autism Spectrum v Burnout Survey

The Autism Spectrum v Burnout Survey investigates your levels of burnout in relation to the degree of traits you display which are associated with the autistic spectrum. It should be noted that all of us fall somewhere on the autistic spectrum, from very low scorers, to very high scorers.

To date, there has been very little research into burnout in relation the autistic spectrum, yet the benefits of this knowledge could greatly improve the quality of life for people higher up on the autistic spectrum.

You can read more about this survey and our methodology here

Please help us with this research, by clicking on the button below and taking part in the survey